New Lithium Forklifts

Lithium Battery Benefits:


  Rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous availability of vehicles. Lithium Iron Phosphate powered forklifts are always available as they allow for fast full charging or boost charging (100% charge in 2 hours). They are maintenance free and do not require a battery change when used for multi-shift operations.   Quick Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are quick charge capable. A full charge only takes 2 hours, reducing the need for costly back-up batteries. [callout-right] An integrated Battery Management System continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation. ENFORCER provides Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with 5 years or 10,000 hours warranty.[/callout-right]  

SAVE up to $115 per week in LPG Fuel Costs: 

  That's $29,900 over 5 years*!! Not only are you investing in the future of our planet, but also the future of your business - by investing in a Lithium Powered Forklift you are eliminating your weekly LPG and fuel costs completely! And we've done the maths. The average LPG gas powered forklift may cost you up to $150 per week on running costs, now compare that to a Lithium Powered Forklift that may cost you as little as $10 to run per week - That's a saving of almost $6,000 a year!! All the more reason to invest now and enjoy yet another benefit of the ALL NEW Enforcer Smart Power Lithium Powered Forklifts!     [symple_column size="one-half" position="first" fade_in="false"] See the All Weather Forklift in action: [/symple_column] [symple_column size="one-half" position="last" fade_in="false"] See the Compact Warehouse Forklift in action: [/symple_column]
For details on our Enforcer Smart Power Range or Lithium Forklift range, call Fork Force on 1300 423 675 or email us.
  * Lithium powered forklift saving rates are estimated in accordance with the standard industry average forklift usage of 6 hours per day and the average cost of $25 per LPG Gas bottle.