New and Used Enforcer Forklifts

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If you are unsure which type of equipment fits your job requirements, don’t hesitate to consult our dedicated team of experts. After all, for every type of application, there is a machine built to save costs and streamline your operations towards efficiency. This is why Enforcer’s new and second-hand forklifts have a variety of lift heights and capacities that can serve every specific purpose. That being said, below is a list of common load capacities offered in the Enforcer range:

The Enforcer brand also carries a range of forklifts powered by diesel, electric, petrol, or LPG. So, whether your application is for indoor or outdoor use, there is a safe, targeted and efficient solution that only Enforcer can provide. With its 5-Year Parts and Labour Warranty for nearly all new forklifts and premium stackers, and a 1-Year Parts and Labour Warranty for all economy stackers, hand pallet trucks and used forklift equipment, it’s no surprise why Enforcer Forklifts continues to be Australia’s fastest growing lift truck brand.

The Force is Stronger Than Ever: Lifting Businesses All Over Australia

With two decades in the material handling industry, Fork Force Australia is providing innovative sales and rental solutions like no other. If you are looking for an Enforcer forklift near you, whether you live in Adelaide, Townsville, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, we are confident we’ll have an Enforcer lift truck in stock with your name on it, ready to help you and your business grow.


Where are Enforcer forklifts made?

An Enforcer is a high quality brand of forklifts and walkie stackers assembled and imported from China to strict Australian standards.

Enforcer forklifts have become renowned as the best value forklifts on the Australian market offering both great value for money with the security of a 5-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on most new forklift sales and backing of Fork Force, one of Australia’s largest independent forklift dealers.

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Are Enforcer forklifts any good?

The forklifts contain quality Japanese power trains – or Chinese engines depending on your budget, while the walkie stackers use industry-leading Curtis controllers. Both incorporate German steel.

Fork Force has been working very closely with leading factories for years to ensure all Enforcers are rugged, reliable and custom built for Australian conditions.

In Australia, our forklifts go through stringent process and safety checks to ensure our customers obtained the highest quality and most durable end products.

We now proudly offer a 5-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on every new Enforcer sold, based on 30 years’ experience with every major forklift and walkie stacker brand on the market.