New Telehandlers

Why Choose a Telehandler?

Telehandlers, short for telescopic handlers, have an extendable boom or arm that can be equipped with different attachments. They’re quite popular in the agricultural and construction industry for their versatility. Instead of hauling various equipment – cranes, forklifts, pay loaders – all you need to bring to the job site is a telehandler and its accessories.  You can move loads with its pallet forks, then swap it out instantly for a scoop or bucket when you need to carry loose materials like sand or gravel. Explore Fork Force’s extensive collection of new telehandlers for your business. We have all-new and exclusive Enforcer telehandlers with 1.4-ton and 3.5-ton capacities that are perfect for outdoor use. We also carry new units from trusted brands such as Ausa and Merlo with lift heights ranging from 4-metres to 17.5-metres – guaranteed to give you that full range of motion.    

Other Features of a Telehandler

If you’re wondering just how much power a telehandler can deliver, you’re in for a surprise. Although small and compact, telehandlers are four-wheel drive capable. They can work great in on- and off-road conditions. It’s easy to see how a telehandler can carry massive loads no matter how rough the terrain may be. It’s fitted with large, durable tyres that can power through rugged or slippery ground while keeping your loads level. Fork Force’s new telehandlers are diesel-powered, providing an optimum power-to-weight ratio for safe and reliable operation. Our Enforcer 1.4T four-wheel drive telehandler is equipped with a Perkins engine that’s reliable and built to last. It powers the hydraulics system to allow for the fast and easy switching of attachments. We also have the Enforcer 3.5T four-wheel drive telehandler that provides excellent manoeuvrability with its three steering modes. A telehandler has a narrow turning circle, making it ideal for manoeuvring in a farm shed or small yard. They make stacking hay bales a breeze and can even be used to lift feed or grain. They can also be used to transport soil and even manure. A bucket or bucket grab is one of the most popular telehandler attachments for farms because it allows you to reach directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper to pick up and shift items. There’s so much more that a telehandler can offer compared to a traditional forklift. The boom enables a telehandler to lift loads to another floor or move them diagonally. This accuracy also enables movement in limited locations and around obstructions. Traditional forklifts can only lift and place materials at one elevation. They offer reliable control and functionality in warehouses, factories and distribution setups.    

Other Uses of Telehandlers

Aside from the ones already mentioned, there are several other functions that a telehandler is capable of performing. This just goes to show how much versatility a new telehandler can provide for your operations.
  • Material Handling – A telehandler, just like a forklift, is primarily used as a lift-and-place tool. Its compact design and outstanding mobility make it easier to access restricted spots that larger forklifts cannot. Telehandlers are a quick and efficient way to pick up pallets from within a barn or storage shed, as well as an easier way to transfer cargo onto flatbed vehicles or a rooftop.
  • Recycling and Sanitation – Telehandlers provide huge benefits in waste-disposal and recycling operations. They can be outfitted with blades for pushing, buckets for carrying, grapples for grasping, and hooks for hauling. Telehandlers are fuel-efficient and simple to use, resulting in lower operating costs and training requirements.
  • Elevated Positioning – If your personnel need to work in elevated positions, such as painting or cleaning walls and ceilings, changing lighting fixtures, or maintenance and repair, a telehandler can provide safe positioning using a work cage or platform. It’s also an efficient way of delivering materials and tools to high locations.
  • Snow Removal – Snowplough, snow bucket, and push attachments are used on a telehandler to clear away ice, snow, and debris during the winter months. This can greatly increase safety and productivity in your work environment.
With the multitude of uses and benefits that it can offer, you’ll find that a telehandler can be a fantastic addition to your forklift fleet.  Browse through Fork Force’s catalogue of high-quality new telehandlers that we provide to customers in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania, and all throughout Australia. All of our new forklifts are protected with a five-year warranty on parts and labour. You’re assured that your new telehandler will keep operations on the go.    

New Telehandlers: The Telefork

If you’re looking for something even more compact, versatile, and powerful, a telefork might just be the right one for you. It’s a hybrid machine that perfectly marries the small, compact design of a traditional counterbalance forklift and a telehandler’s adaptability. A telefork is ideal for use in narrow, confined spaces where handling materials over obstacles can be difficult.  Fork Force’s new Enforcer’s 3-ton Telefork is diesel-powered and hosts features that combine productivity, manoeuvrability, and comfort. Its wide carriage tilt makes it easy and safe to handle non-palletised materials.