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Australia's most comprehensive range of new and used forklifts for sale. Several hundred available in stock at any time across all major brands including Crown, Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, TCM, Linde, Clark Komatsu and more.

We also have an assortment of fuel types and lift trucks for you from large diesel forklifts to smaller and cheaper electric walkie stackers all with an array of lift heights and reach capacities.

Solutions for all industries and applications.

ForkForce has the widest range of used forklifts for sale in Australia.

All fuel types including Diesel, LPG, Dual fuel, Electric for most terrain and space requirements. Extensive range of lift and reach capacities.

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Used Forklift Sales

Why not ask us about the new forklifts we have for sale? Our range is second to none and we offer the best value new forklifts in Australia.
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New Forklifts

New and used range of electric walkie stackers available at all times. Australian distributor for quality European made Pramac Straddle Stacker range
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Walkie Stackers

Have a look at our range of electric powered pallet trucks and movers.
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Electric Pallet Trucks

Check out our NEW Enforcer forklift range. There is an enforcer forklift to suit all of your materials handling needs.
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Enforcer Range

Below we have listed our range of Toyota forklifts for sale. Toyota forklifts is the most popular forklift brand in the Australian market. For a free quote on any of the Toyota forklifts for sale email or simply call us on 1300 42 36 75 and we will find you the forklift that best suits your requirements.

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Toyota Forklifts For Sale

Welcome to the Komatsu Forklifts For Sale section of our website. In this section we have listed the various new and used Komatsu forklifts for sale that we have available. However if you can’t find the particular sort of Komatsu forklift you are after please make sure you still give us a call on 1300 42 36 75 to get our latest Komatsu forklift stock list.
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Komatsu Forklifts For Sale

Hyster forklifts offer convenient solutions to your warehouse and material handling needs. We at ForkForce make it easier for you to find great value Hyster forklifts that meet your lifting requirements.
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Hyster Forklifts For Sale

Get a great value used Clark forklift. Clark forklifts are known for their decades of experience in the forklift industry and their reliable performance. Browse through our Clark forklift for sale listings to find the one that's right for you.
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Clark Forklifts

Look through our listings of new and used Sumitomo forklifts for sale to find yourself one of the best value forklifts in Australia. This popular Japanese brand of forklift is world renowned for manufacturing the highest quality forklifts and ForkForce has sourced them especially for its Australian customers.
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Sumitomo Forklifts

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing top quality forklifts TCM forklifts have built reputation within the industry as a brand that is focussed on quality and performance. Offering a complete range of diesel, gasoline and electric forklifts, TCM produce a forklift suitable for your needs.
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TCM Forklifts

Browse through our new and used Mitsubishi forklift for sale section to find yourself one of the best value forklift deals online. The Japanese manufactured Mitsubishi forklifts are industry recognised as a leader in providing the highest quality, performance, comfort and value to their customers. Get yours today.
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Mitsubishi Forklifts

Linde forklifts are one of the world's largest warehouse handling equipment manufacturers. Based in Europe they have built their name around high quality, productivity and performance.

View our wide range of Linde forklifts for sale and call today for the latest specials on Linde forklifts.
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Linde Forklifts For Sale

Our range of used Yale forklifts for sale are the best value in the industry. Browse our Yale forklift listings to find the one that matches your material handling needs.
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Yale Forklifts

Search through our list of Nissan forklifts models to find one that best suits your needs. Alternatively, you may call 1300 42 36 75 to speak to one of our staff if you need any help with your warehouse or material handling requirements.
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Nissan Forklifts

Ownership made easy with low weekly/monthly rental payments and ownership of the unit at the end of term.
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Hire is all about minimising the cost to your business and conserving capital. Now you can have all the flexability of rental with an option to buy at any time with a big rebate of your rental payments. Sounds great, well it is and all at a fixed and known purchase price.
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A selection of special promotional products at exceptional value for money. Units may be subject to limited time frame offer periods so please contact us to confirm availability.
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